Toro Genuine Parts

IPI’s Promise and Commitment To You

To best protect your investment and maintain optimal performance of your turf equipment, count on Toro genuine parts. When it comes to reliability, Toro delivers replacement parts designed to the exact engineering specifications of Toro equipment. For peace of mind, insist on Toro genuine parts.

When it comes to Quality, Think of Toro Genuine Parts

Toro parts are of the same quality as Toro products – superior. Toro uses the same parts for service that are used in each machine that comes off the manufacturing line. The reason for this is clear. Our customers expect Toro machines to perform every day. Replacement parts must work the first time, every time. That isn’t the exception – it’s the main part of the complete Toro commitment to quality.

Count on IPI - Unmatched Delivery and Support commitment

IPI’s commitment to provide excellence in parts availability and customer service is in line with the quality, innovation and durability you can expect from Toro products. This alliance is exactly what makes Toro and IPI the choice of premium Golf and Grounds facilities around the Country.
IPI offers industry leading fill rates and ensures you have the right part at the right time and timely delivery.
Meeting your parts expectations also means offering you easy online access on parts information. You can view all parts drawings, catalogs, as well as service and operator information via the Toro Master Parts Viewer.


Toro bearings outperform the Competition
  • bulletinWhen purchasing bearings you can trust that Toro has the integrity of your specific piece of equipment in mind.
  • bulletinYou can have confidence that a Toro bearing will perform as it was designed to do to keep your equipment running for years.
  • bulletinToro conducts continuous and extensive bearing tests to assure they will not fail for specific applications and mechanisms. That’s where the big difference is between Toro and will-fitters.
  • bulletinToro bearings are designed and manufactured to stand up to much more load capacity and speed than they are specifically designed for to provide an extra margin of safety.

The best chooses the best. Toro Genuine Bed Knives: A cut above the Rest
  • bulletinWhen you need superior quality of cut, turn to the bedknives trusted by the industry’s top professionals - Genuine Toro bedknives.
  • bulletinEvery bedknife Toro manufactures is designed to meet strict Toro engineering specifications based on particular applications to ensure the best quality of cut and after-cut appearance for the job.
  • bulletinToro engineers focus on the physical characteristics of every bedknife, including the flatness of the knife and the true position of the chamfered mounting holes. How these features work together is essential to your bedknife operating success.

Toro Belts are Unique. Make the right choice
  • bulletinAs with all our Toro Genuine Parts, Toro belts are designed and manufactured to fit a specific application for a piece of Toro equipment.
  • bulletinToro engineers make sure each belt is specifically designed for the drive and will perform as promised. Toro belts are extensively lab and field tested to assure our customers of maximum performance.
  • bulletinBelts may be identical in size but not in construction. Using a wrong belt may not only cause the belt to fail but that failure may cause other components to be severely damaged as well.

Toro Blades are precisely engineered and carefully crafted - to give the healthy cut your turf deserves
  • bulletinOutfit your machine with the proper Toro blade and get the beautifully clean, healthy cut your turf deserves.
  • bulletinUsing an ordinary blade in a Toro mower can cause unexpected wear and breakage to your machine, while leaving your grass frayed and unhealthy.

Filter – it is Toro – Keeps your engine running clean and smooth
  • bulletinGenuine Toro filters give you consistent performance over the life of your engine.
  • bulletinToro filters are a competitively priced solution for your scheduled maintenance program, ensure full engine performance and protection until your engine's next scheduled service.

Hydraulic Hoses
Use only Toro Hydraulic Filters – Premium Filtration Media to Durable Casting
  • bulletinEach Toro hydraulic hose is designed by Toro engineers to fit a specific machine and application.
  • bulletinWhen it comes to hydraulic system performance, make sure you have the right hydraulic hose.
  • bulletinDon’t take chances with self-made or will-fit versions—there’s nothing more important than using genuine Toro parts.

MVP Kits
Don’t run out of parts - Make your Maintenance easy with TORO MVP kits
  • bulletinToro provides Maintenance Value Performance (MVP) Kits for many common maintenance jobs such as Filters Kit, Cutting Unit Overhaul Kits, Deck Kits, Hose Kits, Belts Kits and many more
  • bulletinAll the required parts are included in a single package to make ordering and completing the job easier and less expensive just mentioning a single part number.
  • bulletinNo run out of stock - In one single box ensure the availability of all required parts for timely carrying out routine and preventive maintenance

No Substitute for Genuine Toro Reels
  • bulletinToro prides itself on the quality of the reel, the job it performs, the after cut appearance, the quality of cut and the time it saves for the operators.
  • bulletinToro has invested in technology to ensure each reel manufactured meets specific application and equipment specifications, while competitors cut corners to lower their costs.

The right tine for the right application to meet all your Aeration Needs
  • bulletinToro prides itself on the performance, quality and ingenuity of all products. Titan Tines are no different.
  • bulletinToro engineers have designed the Titan Tines line to deliver exceptional hole quality as well as longevity and durability for the entire line.
  • bulletinInnovative designs, like the Titan Split Tine, offers extra benefits such as splitting cores into smaller pieces so the remains disintegrate and virtually disappear into the turf canopy.

Genuine TORO tires for your equipment because you care for your investment.
  • bulletinToro tires are constantly being tested to make sure the tire fits the application for maximum performance including traction, application / support and turf markings.
  • bulletinToro engineers are diligent when designing tires to meet the specifications of specific machines and applications