Yamaha Golfcar FAQ

Question: Once we purchase Yamaha Golf Car, can we get the car delivered at our site? What will be the turnaround time for this?     Answer: Yes, Indeed. We deliver the carts at site and we train  your operator / driver on safe operating practices,  routine maintenance like how to charge and maintain the batteries for … Read more

Electric Golf Cart in India

Electric Golf Cart new Cruise Models are the most demanded Golf Cars across the world.Our cars are specially designed for your players that come in many attractive colors, body styling and luxury comfort which will add value to your Golf Course. Our seats are contoured and padded, to offer unmatchable comfort and largest occupant spacein … Read more

How to Decorate Electric Golf Cart for Your Christmas Celebration?

golfcart christmas decoration

If you hear jingle bells ringing in your vicinity, it says Santa is nearing to gift and wish you Merry Christmas! Won’t it be grand celebration if you welcome him on your Christmas themed Electric Golf Cart? Certainly! Furthermore, children would enjoy the surprise during their ride this. Are you thinking on how to decorate … Read more


Yamaha Electric Golf Cart in India

Safety and health of our customers and staffs are high priority in our thoughts, as they are integral part of YAMAHA-IPI. We are regularly keeping track of COVID-19 scenario and also ensures that we follow necessary precautions and guidelines issued by World Health Organisation (WHO) and Indian Government. As you aware, COVID-19 is a respiratory … Read more

Rent our lavish golf cars for your stylish wedding and stay care-free

Even though with Covid – 19 the world changed overnight before we could grasp what was going on, many couples who were in the middle of their planning for a wedding, have been compelled to reschedule in the future. Now looks like the situation is turning under certain control and the future is near: The wedding … Read more

Thinking to buy a Golf Car in India? Then think about Yamaha, the easy choice!

Yamaha 2 seater golfcart

What else will surprise you in more than Yamaha an automotive expert, who has been building engines Formula One Championship for decade? Yamaha Golf Car is in-demand car at golf courses across the world for its best combinations of superior technology, best-in-class quality, higher driving comfort and unique sport style. What is special about Yamaha … Read more