1. Question: Once we purchase Yamaha Golf Car, can we get the car delivered at our site? What will be the turnaround time for this?    

    Answer: Yes, Indeed. We deliver the carts at site and we train  your operator / driver on safe operating practices,  routine maintenance like how to charge and maintain the batteries for trouble free performance and long-lasting life and so on.

    The turnaround time varies based on your  location. Our sales manager will clearly intimate you on this during the sale process.  Further, we track the consignment status right from the time the car leaves from our warehouse and till it reaches your location. We ensure that the car is delivered safely within the agreed delivery time.

  2. Question: How much does Installation Cost? Is it Free or Cost?

    Answer: The car will be installed and handed over to you at No additional Costs.

  3. Question: Whom should I contact for any service related complaints/issues? How can I avail for services at my premises after purchasing Yamaha Golf Car from IPI?

    Answer: You can register your service requirement either through the following link Service Registration or dial 044-2449 4387, After Sales and Service Department at IPI Head Office, Chennai. Once you have registered your complaint with us, our Service Engineer(s) deployed closer to your area will be assigned with this work.  He will co-ordinate with you to visit your premises within 24 to 48 hours and will do the needful

    IPI-Yamaha has PAN India Service Operations Network and our major Service Centers incudes Coimbatore, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Goa, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Delhi NCR and so on.

    Yamaha Golfcar Service Network
  4. Question: Can we use Golf Car if the nature of our terrain is slightly hilly? What is the maximum gradient that the vehicle can withstand with full capacity?

    Answer: Yes, you can.  Yamaha Golf Cars are designed to safely handle hilly area of up to a gradient of 20 degree.  If you need any further clarifications, you can contact our Sales Manages at 044-2449 4387 and they will be happy to suggest you the best model that suits you.

    Yamaha Golfcar Climbing Gradient
  5. Question: What type of E Plug is required for Charging Yamaha Electric Vehicle? Should I install special charging points?

    Answer: For charging your golf car, You just need 15-amp 3 pin wall socket with 220v AC supply and proper earthing system.

  6. Question: How long should we charge the car? How long does it take for the battery to get fully charged?

    Answer: The Golf Cart battery charging time will vary depending on the state of discharge of the batteries.  It takes about 6 to 10 hours to get the batteries fully charged from complete discharge condition.  Once the batteries are fully charged, the routine charging time thereafter will depend on the state of discharge of the batteries. 

    Battery for Golf and Utility vehicle
  1. Question: What is the expected Mileage of the Yamaha Golf Car? After the full charge how long can I drive the Car?

    Answer: Yamaha Golf Car can run up to 25 Km per charge.  However, we suggest not to operate the cars continuously till the batteries are fully discharged. We strongly recommend to keep the batteries charged at regular intervals during the daily operating hours whenever time permits as this practice will keep the batteries in good condition and will provide a trouble free performance and a long service life.

  2. Question: Do I get any indication if the battery is low and how?

    Answer: Yes. A battery Energy meter with digital bar display is installed in the Golfcar dashboard. This digital energy meter will indicate the state of batteries in your golf car. When the digital bar is at extreme right, it indicates the battery pack is fully charged. As the battery pack start discharging, the digital bar moves from right to left based on discharge level. 

  3. Question: What is the life time of the battery? How long will batteries last in Golf Car? ​

    Answer: The Service Life of the battery pack largely depends on usage and   good care and maintenance practices on battery. More importantly the charging practice has to be followed regularly.  A well maintained Battery Pack will have a service life of 4 years and above.  
  4. Question: What is special about the Steering system in Yamaha Electric Car? And is it easy to drive?

    Answer: Yes, Yamaha Electric Vehicles are equipped with maintenance free rack and pinion steering system which are mostly used on high performance sports cars. You will enjoy a nimbler and more responsive feel while driving Yamaha Golf Cars.  The steering system is maintenance free as the gear box is permanently greased with sealed bearings for their life and No grease fittings on steering gear box or on tie rods.

  5. Question: Can I use Yamaha Golf Car on public roads? Does it come under Motor Vehicle Act?

    Answer: No, you cannot use this car on public roads. Yamaha Battery Cars are exclusive off-road use vehicle. You can use them only within your premises.

  6. Question:  Can we hire these vehicles for a short / long term? 

    Answer: Yes, you can rent Yamaha Electric Vehicles that can well suit your requirements. Operating Lease and Rental options are available for short/medium and long terms depending on feasibility and availability.

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