Thinking to buy a Golf Car in India? Then think about Yamaha, the easy choice!

What else will surprise you in more than Yamaha an automotive expert, who has been building engines Formula One Championship for decade?

Yamaha Golf Car is in-demand car at golf courses across the world for its best combinations of superior technology, best-in-class quality, higher driving comfort and unique sport style.

What is special about Yamaha Golfcar?

  • Yamaha has the largest occupant space than any other golf car making the most comfortable, safe and convenient travel experience for all the passengers.
  • In fact, Safety of the users is our key priority and we ensure this with pre-programmed Yamaha Genius2 System (a PDA based diagnostic and programming system).
  • More importantly you can customize speed and regenerative braking to match the course and terrain.
  • Other critical features are: independent front suspension, stylish dashboard, well-positioned cum air-filled bumpers and low cost ownership.
  • Flexible body panels of Yamaha Golf Cars are highly safe from dent, scratch and scrape proof with fade resistant.
  • Our eco-friendly vehicles run on our courses and facilities without any noise allowing you to enjoy the beauty and voice of the nature!
  • The foldable windshield is specially designed with high material strength which gives you safe ride.
  • Long lasting battery performance can offer distant ride that can be covered with a single charge.
  • What else do you need, when you can use the vehicle at zero-maintenance?


Of-course, the products can be customized based on your requirements.

Do you know that our new sleek models of Yamaha Cruise 2-seater comes with luxurious features?

Contoured, padded and spacious seats of 2 seater has ample leg room and biggest bagwell in the golf car industry which goes well with any Golf Course. Protective roof coupled with ClimaGuard and dual gutters which shelter you on both rain and sunny days. The clubs are safeguarded in our bagwell which can accommodate two tournament sized bags with slip-proof holder and fender splash guards keep them free from mud.

Ideal for: Golf Course

Yamaha Golfcar at Zion Hills Golf County, Bangalore

Why should you compromise on our comfort and safety while our Yamaha 4 seater can easily accommodate 4 passengers of all shapes and sizes?

You don’t have to worry about balance or space as seats are well positioned with spacious ground and height clearance. Adding to that perfect placement and design of arm rests give great comfort to passengers. Large window makes it even more convenient to enter or exit the vehicle.

Ideal for: Residential Villas, Sports Field, Construction Industry, Spiritual Centers, Airports and Railway Stations, Industries and IT Park, Gated Communities

Yamaha 4 seater at Hotels

Why 6 seater battery operated vehicle is ideal for multiple end-user applications?

Yamaha Cruise six seater address all your specified concerns of spaciousness and allowing you to enjoy your ride hands-free as your personal belongings are safe in the dash that comes handy for both driver and passengers. You will feel the same comfort as two seaters in our six seater too!

Ideal for: Sports Field, Hospitals, Spiritual Centers, Industries and IT Park, Gated Communities

Yamaha 6 seater Passengers Vehicle at Gated Communities

Will sightseeing and conveyance become so comfortable with 6 Seater?

When you are driving with full passenger load, you might need optimum charge in the vehicle. Our smart vehicle will indicate you through smart motor control to ensure full charge to enhance high performance and potential to full load.

Ideal for: Sightseeing at College Campuses, Tourist Spots and Entertainment Parks

Yamaha 6 seater at College Campuses

Do you believe that you can load 360 Kgs payload on our electric cargo vehicle and carry all over your utility safely?

Yes, you can with our Yamaha Utility Vehicle is outfitted with beefed-up transaxle, four-wheel drum brakes. It will be very supportive and safe to transport anything that you need in your campus.

Ideal for: Manufacturing Industries, Warehouses, Farm houses and Resorts

Yamaha 4 seater with Cargobed at Resorts

Will Food and Beverage Unit Boost the Players and your Business?

Don’t miss to try our food and beverage unit to support you in daily additional revenue!

An appealing display of food and drinks on our stylish shelves can serve as refreshment your players on your Golf Course avoiding extra time to head back to clubhouse.

Ideal for: Golf Course, Sports Fields

Yamaha Food and Beverage cart at Golf Course

What purpose does Ambulance Car serve for Hospitals?

Yamaha Ambulance Car model will come handy to transfer patients within the hospital campus which for comes with 2 passenger seaters, 1 stretcher and beacon light for easy and eco friendly conveyances.

Ideal for: Hospitals to serve the new emergency of Coronavirus

Yamaha Ambulance cart

Still, there might arise several questions in your mind now. How about after sales support and services?

We have dedicated and trained service engineers to cover Pan India, who will be at your disposal for any instances.

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