How to Decorate Electric Golf Cart for Your Christmas Celebration?

If you hear jingle bells ringing in your vicinity, it says Santa is nearing to gift and wish you Merry Christmas!

Won’t it be grand celebration if you welcome him on your Christmas themed Electric Golf Cart?

Certainly! Furthermore, children would enjoy the surprise during their ride this. Are you thinking on how to decorate your Golf car for this Christmas?

Here is our Client’s Christmas Celebration and Yamaha golf car decoration at Karma Lakelands

White and green combo offers a classic look of Christmas Tree theme for our 4 seater Yamaha Golf car.

4 seater Yamaha Golf car decoration at Karma Lakelands.

You want to make it funnier?

Gift and toys are integral part of Christmas celebrations. You could plan to set-up a Polar Bear or Snow Man carrying gift packs to all your loved ones.

Want to make a lighting show?

Then, decorate with glow lights or fit wide angle lights, which will look perfect for your evening Christmas parties and parades. As you can under choose colors like red, green, yellow and any combination that suits your theme and golf car.

The best combination of Santa and reindeer in your golf car looks exactly like sleigh. Riding this decorated car in your yard will be as fun as you ride them on snow.

Special Decorations for Children

Kids would love these Candy-land, Mickey Mouse and their favorite cartoon characters on golf car.

Don’ts while decorating golf car

You have to be careful when you choose the materials for the decorations as they might leave behind scratches on your car. Never use duct or strapping tape! You can either use clothesline, command strip and so on which will help you to fix things.

You don’t own a Golf Car, but want to hire one or complete fleet for this Christmas Party?

Rent our Yamaha Golf Car with option of 4 seaters, 6 seaters or cargo model whichever suits your theme.

We at IPI will be happy to assist you with creative ideas and our experts will offer you best solution to make your celebration a grand success.

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