Guide to select Golf Course Maintenance Equipment and Accessories PART 3: Bunker Equipment, Debris Equipment, Utility Vehicles and Sprayer Equipment


The bunkers to be smoothly raked and manicured on a daily basis to remove stones, leaves and debris, to loosen the sand, to smooth out footmarks to ensure they are user friendly and consistent and to provide a tidy and attractive appearance and to make the bunkers suitable for play by golfers.

Toro Sandpro 2040Z: The industry’s first zero-turn mechanical groomer. Flex raking system with lift-in-turn feature enables operator to turn tightly without leaving unraked teardrops or tyre marks.

Toro Sandpro 3040

Toro Sandpro 3040 / Sandpro 5040: Designed with  powerful engine for increased productivity and the QAS (Quick Attachment System) to accept a variety of attachments for pristine bunker condition and appearance.

Optional Accessories: Wide range of Optional Accessories – Tooth Rake, Spring Rake, Drag Mat, Finish Grader, Spiker, Weeder Cultivator, Dozer Blade, Synthetic Turf Conditioner.


Debris management in a golf course can feel like a never-ending task. But, by using the right equipment, you can efficiently keep on top of cleaning up grass clippings, leaves, aeration cores, and other debris and keep your course in peak condition all year round. Blowers and Sweepers are two of the most important equipment in debris cleaning.

Turbine Blowers: The Tow behind engine driven Turbine blowers are ideal for clearing leaves and other debris.  

Tow Behind Sweepers: For larger areas, a tow-behind PTO or Engine driven sweeper is going to be much quicker and more effective. Tow-behind sweepers are one of the most commonly used items of golf course maintenance equipment to sweep up leaves, grass clippings, or aeration plugs.

Toro ProForce

Toro ProForce Debris Blower: Uses turbine-type fan to produce powerful air flow to remove grass clippings, leaves, aeration cores, and other debris.

Toro Versa Vac Tractor Towed

Toro Versa Vac Tractor Towed: PTO driven Sweeper – The largest Toro® turf sweeper that combines precision pickup and powerful vacuum in one machine with a holding capacity that accommodates larger debris collection jobs.

Toro Rake-O-Vac Tractor Towed: Engine driven – Compact and easily manoeuvrable debris removal equipment.


Toro Utility Vehicles

Transporting staff, tools, and materials around the course requires utility vehicles. Light or Medium type utility vehicles are used for carrying light load, towing of greens mower on a trailer, etc. Heavy-duty utility vehicles are required for hauling heavier materials, like sand, soil or sod, mounting of attachments like Sprayer, Top dresser and Spreader etc.    

Toro Workman MDX-D: Diesel engine powered to provide greater fuel efficiency, higher torque and exceptional operator comfort and performance with SRQ (Superior Ride Quality) Supsension.

Toro Workman GTX Petrol Engine Powered: increased power, improved steering and exclusive suspension and braking systems – unique configurations available, including multiple seating, bed, and attachment choices

Toro Workman GTX Electric Battery Powered: versatile Workman GTX grounds and turf crossover utility vehicle. Can be configured to the task with multiple seating, bed and attachment options.

Optional Accessories: Refreshment Centre, Side Stakes, Folding / Fixed Wind shield, Canopy , Electric Bed Lift 


Toro Workman HDX-D

Toro Workman HDX-D – 2 or 4 Wheel Drive – Built with comfort and style with superior performance on the most demanding jobs

Optional Accessories: 1/3rd, 2/3rd or Full Bed Option, 200 Gallon Sprayer System, Debris Blower, Top Dressers


As with other processes, the application of fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides or plant growth regulators requires specific equipment. Most of these products are applied in either granular or liquid form and the type of equipment needed hinges on that factor.

Toro MultiPro 1750

Toro Multipro 1750 – 175 Gallon Sprayer – Equipped with a positive displacement diaphragm pump tied directly to the speed of the vehicle to maintain a constant application rate at a range of speeds.

Toro MultiPro 5800

Toro Multipro 5800 D – 300 Gallon Sprayer -ExcelaRate rate control system – Designed for accuracy, aggressive agitation and faster response times. Attachments and accessories simplify mixing and spraying processes, saving labour and chemical costs.

Toro Workman mount 200 Gallon Sprayer – Transform Workman HDX utility vehicle into a highly productive precision sprayer.

Optional Accessories – Foam Marking Kit, Tank Rinse Kit, Clean Load Eductor Kit, Electric Hose Reel Kit, Sonic Boom, Drift Reduction Kit.

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