Turnkey solution for world class turf maintenance on golf courses in India


IPI is associated with TORO golf course equipment & golf irrigation, which is our core business. But that’s not the only focus. In fact, IPI has a dedicated Team of highly skilled and experienced Engineers, Operators and Agronomists specialized in grounds care.

IPI uses TORO’s world class products and state-of-the-art technologies in order to deliver the best results as per international standards.

With the dedicated Toro equipment to fit the jobs, IPI, through its grounds care professionals, ensures the commitment and reliability which it is known for.

A turnkey solution brings advantages that extend beyond using the most innovative equipment. For instance, IPI’s core business started with only grounds and large landscape maintenance. That’s all we were used to do, and it has been our only focus for more than 29 years. Our experience and expertise go deep, which makes us an excellent resource when you have grounds care questions or need advice.

Another benefit of a customized Golf Course Operation & Maintenance Agreement with IPI is that we are thinking about the same concerns that affect your business every day – whether you have a one-person operation or a large company. From keeping operators safe, comfortable and productive to making sure equipment is always up and running, our priorities are the same as yours.

We also understand that downtime is money lost, and we do everything we can to minimize it. You have a job to do, and you count on your or on our equipment. So, when you need service or day to day maintenance, culture practices or renovation of your turf, IPI is there for you with fast parts delivery and on site well trained technicians, skilled operators, agronomists, green keepers and managers to coordinate the operations.

Our agronomists and green keepers will continually work on new solutions to increase productivity, conserve water, reduce fuel consumption and improve the growing conditions of your turf. The result is a range of packages that offers ease of use for operators at every skill level, durability to handle tough conditions, reliability to minimize downtime and keep operators productive. All these activities are making IPI one stop solution provider to helping customers succeed.

For more details reach us at:

Email: info@ipi-india.com
Website: https://www.ipi-india.com/golf-course-management.php