Guide to select Golf Course Maintenance Equipment and Accessories PART 2: Fairway Mowing, Rough Mowing, Aeration Equipment and Top Dressing



Toro Reelmaster 3575-D

Toro Reelmaster 3575 Lightest fairway mower in the industry –  Highly manoeuvrable, Series Parallel  3-wheel design – five cutting units maximizes productivity. 

Toro Reelmaster 5010-H

Toro Reelmaster 5010-H Hybrid Fairway Mower: Five plex fairway mower – the industry’s first and the only fairway mower with a true hybrid drive system. Features PowerMatch™ technology that matches power generated to the cutting conditions.

Toro Reelmaster 5510-D

Toro Reelmaster 5510 D Fairway Mower: Five plex fairway mower for warm season turf and exceptional performance on more demanding terrain.

Toro Reelmaster 5560-D

Toro Reelmaster 5610 D Fairway Mower: Five plex fairway mower for warm season turf and exceptional performance on the most severe terrain and high elevations.

Toro Reelmaster 7000 D

Toro Reelmaster 7000 D Heavy Duty Fairway Mower: Fairway mower with 307 cm (120″) width of cut. Features SmartCool™ auto-reversing fan system. Designed for productivity and performance in the most extreme conditions.

Toro Reelmaster Trailed 5 or 7 Gang Mowers: The most economical option for fairway mowing Designed for high acreage mowing with low transport requirements.

Cutting Unit Options: Choose 5 / 8 / 11 Blade cutting unit for different height of cut.

Optional Accessories: Choose the required Optional accessories like rear roller brushes, groomers, broomers, grooming brushes, Thatching Reels and grass baskets.



Toro Groundsmaster 3280

Toro Groundsmaster 3280 ( 2 or 4 WD ) The most compact, all-purpose rotary trim mower.

Toro Groundsmaster 3500 D / 3505 D Triplex – 3 Deck Contour Mowers – Precision trimming performance with an optional sidewinder cutting system.

Toro Groundmaster 4500 D

Toro Groundmaster 4500 D – Five Deck Contour Mower – Ultra-precise, large scale rotary mower, 4500-D is equipped with five Contour Plus decks.

Toro Proline H800

Toro Proline H800 – Direct Collect Rotary Mower with High Lift System to empty clippings effortlessly – Smartcool system with Auto reversing fan to prevent overheating of engine – Automatic Deck shut off to prevent clogging

Toro Groundmaster 1200 – Pull Behind Rotary Mower – 12 feet width of cut – Unparalleled combination of productivity durability and superior cut.


Aeration is one of the most essential cultural practice with a goal to have a healthier plant by reducing soil compaction, manage thatch and organic matter accumulation, improve water infiltration, promote gas exchange and for deeper root development.


Toro Procore 648

Toro Procore 648 – 48 inch coring swath for precise greens aeration with smooth, quiet and powerful operation – wide variety of tines options for varying aeration application – TrueCore ground following system.


Toro Procore 864 /1298 – 64 inch or 98 inch Coring swath, accommodate Toro’s proven Titan® Tines with a wide variety of sizes to fit any aeration application.

Toro SR Series Deep Tine Aerators – Available in 48 / 54 / 70 / 72 / 73 / 75 inch coring swath for varying aeration application.

Toro Turf Aerator 686 / 687

Turf Aerator 686 / 687: 78 inch coring swath –  Effective and efficient aerators often used for highly compacted or unusually uneven ground.


Toro Topdresser 1800: 18 Cu. Ft – Mounted topdressing attachment for Workman utility vehicles, lowest impact on turf, suggested for topdressing greens.

Toro Topdresser 2500: 25 Cu. Ft – Towed Topdresser for Toro Workman Utility vehicle or Compact Tractors with Turf Tyres.

Toro Propass 200 Topdresser: Workman Utility Mounted or with Tow Chassis – Broadcast-style topdresser provides application versatility and precision. Intuitive colour coded
adjustment settings deliver extremely accurate spread patterns from ultra-light dustings to
ultra-heavy aeration hole filling applications.

Toro MH 400: Material Handler – Transport and accurately spread materials ranging from crumb rubber, to fertilizer, to sand/peat topdressing mix.

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