Toro Automatic Irrigation System, innovative technologies to save water for golf courses in India

For a golf course, to stay aesthetically beautiful, healthy and sustainable, it needs a reliable, robust and precision based irrigation system. It enables us to put water where we wanted, when we wanted and how much we wanted for a very uniform distribution. To achieve this goal, how they have invested into state-of-art TORO sprinkler irrigation system with the latest technologies? It combines fully automated Irrigation pump station where we have no manual interactions, we have field satellites which have been placed all over the golf course which maintain the programme for irrigation without any manual interventions and it is so precise that it can measure the water up to seconds.

We have made several kilometres of communication cable network that communicates with central control system which manages the distribution of water in every single part of this golf course. Now, Haldi Golf County believes in providing the best playing experience to its patrols. And this is where TORO latest technologies come vital because it provides the complete solution for mowing, irrigation, fertilizer application, aeration and top dressing. All that goes into daily maintenance & cultural practices which help Haldi team to maintain Haldi Golf County as one of the best Golf course in the country.

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