Yamaha Electric Vehicles for Medical Industries and Pharmaceutical Industries

Are you facing the following problems of managing people and material movement in your Manufacturing Facility and Offices?

Conveyance of staffs from entrance to the workstationsTransporting your materials, finished goods etcCollecting wastes for disposal and non – recycling managementFood deliveries and general deliveries in your premises

We have one stop solution for you to handle all your problems!

Specialised Yamaha Electric Vehicles for Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Handling people movement, goods pick-up and delivery are very much needed in the places with high crowd movement. Our environmental friendly Yamaha Electric Vehicles are ideal for medical and pharmaceutical industries. Our customized offerings are passenger vehicles, utility vehicles with cargo-bed and so on.

Yamaha Passenger Vehicles

Managing crowd movement is one of the key factor of the operational management. You can arrange for a smooth and systematic ride in our vehicles with additional feature including safety dividers which helps in maintaining social distancing among the staffs. We have wide range of options for you to choose from as follows:

Yamaha 2 Seater with Safety Divider
Yamaha 4 seater (all forward facing seats) at Industrial Campus
Yamaha 6 seater (all forward facing seats) at Industrial Campus

Yamaha Utility Vehicles

Industries has various functionalities including Raw Material Supplies, Waste Collection, Food Supplies, and Finished Good Packaging / Deliveries. Our offerings can be helpful for even medical companies and other medical related organisations.

Yamaha 2 seater with cargobed

Yamaha 2 seater with Extended cargobed

Yamaha 2 seater with ss cargobox

Yamaha 2 seater with aluminium cargobox

All our vehicles are available for both sale or rent depending on your requirement. We also provide services to support you anytime and anywhere in India.

Why should you buy or rent our Yamaha Electric Vehicles?

Because, they are:

  • Eco-friendly and pollution-free
  • Easy to sanitize and safety features
  • Customised based on your Needs
  • Hassle-free Maintenance

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