Rent our lavish golf cars for your stylish wedding and stay care-free

Even though with Covid – 19 the world changed overnight before we could grasp what was going on, many couples who were in the middle of their planning for a wedding, have been compelled to reschedule in the future.

Now looks like the situation is turning under certain control and the future is near: The wedding season is already in the air! The weddings are starting to be celebrated again in India from November onwards with all safety measures to be carried out.

For those of you planning a winter wedding in one of the most picturesque Indian destinations, you may already be knee deep in those final details, or you may still be working on the big picture by trusting everything to come together in the end. We’d like to take a moment to suggest that you consider renting golf carts for your big day, and we’d like to show you why five reasons golf cart rentals are essential for Indian’s wedding season.

1. Prime for Rocking All-Day-Long Photoshoots

Odds are good that your saree has been meticulously chosen to fit your perfect vision for your important day — so don’t spend your time worrying about getting dirt or on the bridesmaids’ dresses and having to hide it all in photos!

Renting a golf cart lets the wedding party head around from spot to spot without risking to ruin that picture-perfect “first look” moment.

2.  Helping-Hand for your Wedding Set-Up and Arrangements

While many wedding venues help with setup, there are some, especially in more rural settings, where the wedding parties are held in large venues extended in acres and acres where you need a stylish but yet comfortable eco-friendly transport solution.

Golf carts are a great help from the moment when you wedding planners comes to setting up till the last guest leaves the party. What a special treat to your friends and family?

3. Fits Well with your Marriage Themes and Decors

Okay, so we might not be able to do a customized paint job for rental golf carts, but that doesn’t mean it is not possible to customize to fit your wedding theme! Streamers, balloons, and flowers are not much expensive additions that can be made to ensure your rental golf cart matches your colours and theme with minimal effort and expense.

Decorating your golf cart has one more added benefit too, it turns into a photo opportunity! Have your photographer capture a few shots of you and your new spouse riding around after the ceremony, with that ‘Just Married‘ banner hanging off the back!  

4. Economical Option for Vast Wedding Locale

We’ve seen wedding after wedding with a limo or a shuttle bus rented to ferry around the wedding party and older guests, especially for larger wedding venues where it seems like everything you do is just a short hop and a skip away. Rather than spend and spend on a shuttle or limo, why not try renting golf carts?

Compared to the former options, golf cart rentals are cost-effective and easier to use for multiple sets of guests as needed. Once the wedding party has made it to the location, it’s easy to send just one golf cart or two back to pick up those guests who need a little help getting from one place to the next.

5. Warm Welcoming and Assisting your Special Guests

Another category of people you will need to be sensitive about are the elders in the family. For most Indian families and couples the blessings of their grandparents and elders during a wedding is not just cultural but an emotional aspect. Rented golf carts are the perfect option for those with family members who aren’t comfortable walking long distances or on uneven ground. Especially for those beach resorts or golf course weddings that take place on uneven surfaces like grass or sand, rented golf carts will help guests who might otherwise have to fight to keep their balance to make it from one spot to the next.

Whether you require golf carts to help out older or differently abled or very young guests, or just anyone who needs a bit of help getting from ceremony to reception spot, you’ll be able to rely on our rented golf carts being delivered to your location.

Are You Planning for Your Wedding in India?

Make sure you add “schedule golf cart rentals from IPI Yamaha Golf car” to your wedding to-do list! Our rentals are there on time, delivered by us, to make sure you don’t have to worry about a thing. Make the most of your big day and give us a call or contact us online to schedule your rentals today!

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