5 Things to know before building a new Sports Grounds

Building a New Sports Ground

If you are  building a new sports ground – Good for you! Whether this process is new to you or you are working on your tenth sports ground it is still impressive! 

Owning and maintaining a space for people to sports activities is good for your community’s health and wellness. It can be remunerative too, indeed. 

However,  there are a lot of different factors that go into making a state-of-the-art sports field. Here are the top five things you should consider before you build to ensure you have the best sports field

1. Activities 

The first thing on our list is clarity on your activities. When building a new pitch or revamping the existing one, you need to ask yourself what activities you want to host and what level of competitions you plan to serve. 

Establishing exactly those activities that you plan to host, season-by-season, will help your design team build the right sports fields & grounds facilities. 

2. Contractor Selection 

The next big consideration on our list is the selection of the right Contractor amongst the  Sports  Grounds Construction Companies. There are a lot of different contractors out there that exist on a wide spectrum of quality. 

Trust us: You definitely want to go with an experienced company that has built sports fields & grounds before or is well known in the Turf Industry.

You should do the following three things before you decide on a contractor: 

  1. Visit their websites 
  2. See past projects on different fields – specially golf which requires ultimate precision and professionalism 
  3. Ask for testimonials on the major projects with the highest standards  

You can have the most innovative, amazing vision for your sports ground in your mind. However, if you hire the wrong contractor the finished product won’t come close to your dreams. These actions will make sure you cover all of your bases, so you can narrow it down and pick the right contractor.

3. Building Regulations

Depending on where your land is, your state will have different building regulations. It’s important to understand the rules and ensure your plan is in accordance with them before you dig the first hole.

4.    Turf Selection

Turf is one of the most important aspects of any sports ground. You can’t ignore that this is where your customers and visitors will spend the most time. 

Should you go with natural grass or artificial turf?  The two have their pros and cons. 

Then how do you choose the right sports turf? One important thing to remember is that turf grass gets a lot warmer a lot quicker than its natural counterpart. That’s important to know for hot weather safety precautions. 

If you go with natural grass, you need to think about: 

  • Sod vs. sprigs vs. seed 
  • Planting rate 
  • Planting dates 
  • Fertilizer 
  • Herbicide applications 
  • Rolling 

5.  Irrigation & Draining

Two things that are important no matter what type of sports ground you want to make:
Automated Irrigation System and drainage. While you need not irrigate synthetic turf fields as you need to irrigate the natural turf, you still need to care about draining. Make sure you do your due diligence and understand if your fields are in a flood plain. 

For natural turf, irrigation is the most important point. A specialized automated Irrigation System with specific sprinklers for the sports grounds is the best solution to your requirements. 

Supplementary provision of water is necessary when natural rainfall is not sufficient to keep the turf healthy after the soils have dried out. Weather conditions like temperature, sunlight, wind, humidity and natural rainfall all will determine the amount of water required for your field. These are conditions you can easily access from your own weather station.

When it come to automated irrigation system, make sure you are going to choose the specific sprinkler irrigation system for the ground either is a cricket pitch or a football pitch. Your choice will probably depend on your budget and the layout of your sports ground.

Find the right service provider it is essential for the success of your sports ground project 

There are many aspects to be evaluated and things that you must consider before starting a construction of a sport ground

It is important to identify  the right service provider who has a proper expertise – specially in golf segment which has the highest standards of turf specialist  – before starting on a new sports ground or revamp an existing one. It makes the difference. 

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